I just dozed off; just dozed off in
The chillness of the rain that came after,
When the moon slept after the witching hour.
Remaining in the back stage we were
Adorning our costumes for the play.

And when you came and softly touched my cheek
With the feather of your tender fingers
I was ovewrwhelmed with an unknown
Ecstasy with that caress, passed
Through your lightning fingers into me.

What made you to awaken me while I was sleeping?
What prompted you to clasp me close to your chest;
As though you needed to give me something?
To embrace me or kiss me squeezing me into you?
Or was it just to snuggle me into you with your love?
I have closed into you so much in this birth.
I have deliquesced into you and unisoned.
All unknowingly as my passion was so intense.
It never let me know how it happened.